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Corporate Event Photographer Best Tips 

When the day is finally here you want to make sure to know all the tips and trick to making sure the event goes smoothly as a corporate event photographer. Here are some tips I always keep in my back pocket. 

Shot List 

This is your best friend. Planning this before the event is essential and will save you so many steps during the event. As a corporate event photographer some key shots are the keynote speaker, audience reactions, networking session and any special feature that are unique to the event. 


 Prioritize Candid Moments 

Yes it’s important to coverage the staged shots but the essence of a corporate event lies in the candid moments. You must be on your toes and ready to capture authentic interactions, genuine emotions and of course reaction shots. This types of shots offers a more relatable and engaging narrative 

Leverage Technology for real-time sharing 

In today’s world everything is so fast paced and giving your client real-time updated are invaluable. Utilizing social media platforms or live-streaming service to share bits and pieces of the event is a plus with any client. This keeps the audience engaged and gives the client immediate visibility for there brand. 

Embracing some of these tips will help you continue mastering the art of being a corporate event photographer.

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