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We are SLlama Productions: As a minority-owned business, we proudly celebrate the power of diversity, recognizing the unique perspectives and talents that each individual brings to the table. Our journey began with a vision to create a space where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive. At SLlamaproductions, we passionately believe in the power of storytelling to connect, inspire, and drive social change.

We strive to make a positive impact in our communities. We actively support initiatives that promote inclusivity. By partnering with organizations that share our vision for a more diverse and inclusive world. Driven by a team of talented filmmakers, photographers, and creatives. With a mission to bring to life stories that explore different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are dedicated to providing a platform for marginalized voices, promoting diversity both in front of and behind the lens.

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Our Founder

Our Founder, Samantha Luque, is a first-generation, queer Latina whose journey embodies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and social impact. Samantha recognizes the power of storytelling as a means of empowerment and advocacy. Inspired by her own experiences, she created a platform where stories from all backgrounds could be celebrated unapologetically.

She began her career with numerous nonprofits in the Tampa Bay Area as she helped raise awareness and foster community for those in need. The stories she captured and the people she cared for sparked the match in her to create a safe space for diverse voices. Rather than waiting for opportunities to arise, she seized the chance to carve out her career path, fueled by a desire to create meaningful impact through storytelling. Samantha took matters into her own hands and founded our production company—a female, minority-run company specializing in storytelling through film and photography.

Since the company’s early days, Samantha’s mission has been clear: to elevate minorities to the forefront behind the scenes in the film industry. While the path ahead was uncertain, Samantha’s commitment to her vision fueled her determination. Today, Samantha’s mission continues to guide our company as we prioritize projects aligning with our inclusivity and social impact values. With Samantha’s visionary leadership, we strive to create a more equitable and representative media landscape, one story at a time.

Why choose us?

Exceptional Quality

We pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the highest quality work, from stunning visuals to impeccable production value.

Personalized Service

We offer personalized photography and videography services, catering to each client's individual needs and preferences, providing support from consultation to delivery

Creative Innovation

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, embracing new technologies, techniques, and trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Community Engagement

We actively support important causes by partnering with local nonprofits, charitable organizations, and community initiatives, using our platform for social good.

Our mission

Our mission is to amplify diverse voices through storytelling to not only ensure understanding, but to instill empowerment and create a ripple of change.

Our Services

At Sllama Productions, we offer diverse services to fulfill your creative needs.


With over 9+ years experience, we provide personalized consultation services to help you plan and execute your project with confidence.

Branding Videos

A compelling brand video can leave a lasting impression. In under two minutes, reveal who you are to the world. Shape the perception you want people to have of your brand. Creative Brand Storytelling can achieve this and so much more!

Lifestyle Photography

Investing in Portraits/Lifestyle Photography allows you to present a relatable and authentic image, which helps build trust and connection with your audience. It also enhances your brand's visual appeal, making it stand out in a crowded market.

Digital Video Marketing

The potential of Video Production is unlimited. A high-quality marketing video can be spread across various digital channels, increasing brand awareness.

Film Productions

High-quality Film Productions are crucial for turning your vision into reality, from initial brainstorming through storyboarding, collaborative efforts, and post-production. We offer comprehensive support throughout, ensuring your project is professionally realized.


High-quality headshots are essential for making a lasting impression and boosting your personal brand. We take it further by ensuring you feel beautiful and confident during the shoot, producing exceptional results.

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Medical Videos

By collaborating with esteemed medical professionals locally, we've produced videos that break down complicated topics. We guarantee each project is informative and impactful.

Training/Educational Videos​

We've crafted training videos for companies nationwide, boosting staff retention with up-to-date procedures and processes. Streamline communication and inspire new hires with easily shareable videos, ensuring consistent and compelling sales messaging.


Hiring professionals for event coverage ensures you have access to the best equipment, attention to detail, and the skill to capture candid moments in real-time. Professionals bring expertise, ensuring your event is documented with authenticity and flair.

We were featured in


Hi Samantha, so excited to talk about all sorts of important topics with you today. The first one we want to jump into is about being the only one in the room – for some that’s being the only person of color or the only non-native English speaker or the only non-MBA, etc…

Remarkable People 2022

Remarkable can mean many things, but the one person that upholds the significance of that word would be Samantha Luque. She took it upon herself this year to shine a spotlight on Tampa Bay’s LBGTQIA+ and drag community through her film “The Heart of Ybor.”


Directed and Produced by Samantha Luque, Heart of Ybor is a true passion project, a chronicle of Ybor City’s Drag scene and how it evolved into the form it proudly wears in the modern day.

Watermark Arts & Culture

The LGBTQ-owned and operated SLlama Productions premiered “The Heart of Ybor” via social media Dec. 26, a new film project showcasing the history and evolution of drag in Ybor City.


Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Samantha Luque . We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Voyage Tampa

Inspiring Conversations with Samantha Luque of SLlama Productions.

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